Double Barrel Roasters (DBR) was started by a couple of guys who shared a love and passion for one thing, COFFEE! They decided to then put their extensive business experiences together as well as vast knowledge of coffee and create DBR. As somewhat of “coffee snobs” we realized that one thing Westchester County was missing was a nice micro-roaster of exotic coffees from around the world.

We have extensive knowledge that surpasses most others in the business. We import specialty coffees directly from his contacts at source/origin. All coffee is approved prior to shipment and then once the coffee arrives in the states. If the coffee is not up to par, it gets rejected and we get a new shipment. We guarantee that these coffees will give you, your family, friends and neighbors pleasure and joy.

Being direct importers allows us to pick the best beans the world has to offer. Developing relationships with these producers also allows us to ensure top quality beans delivered consistently when desired. We can inform our customers as much as to where the exact coffee you are drinking has specifically come from. Location, region, farm location, name of farm, etc. are all pieces of information at our finger tips. You will only find the best specialty coffees on our site.

We are very particular about what is offered to the public. If a coffee is not being grown during a certain time or it is not the right time of year for a certain coffee we will not be offering it. We want to offer what is fresh at the time and tastes the best to our customers. You will also find some nice very rare and exotic coffees on our site as well that you will not be able to experience from too many roasters. ENJOY! and please feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be happy to share our love, joy and knowledge with all of you!”